Volunteer Updates

Hey Falcon Point Pirates!

We are getting oh so close to the first swim meet of the season! There are only 16 more days until the meet on June 5th! Woohoo! I am so excited to be able to see our kids racing in the pool again, and to see all the parents cheering on the side of the pool.

In order to make these meets a reality, we need just a few things from you.

  1. We need every adult to take the “Athlete Protection Training”. We cannot allow an adult on the sidelines, or helping out, who has not completed this training. I just checked and I am showing 74 people signed up to take it, but only 50 have completed it. So, please go and complete the training ASAP.
  2. We need parents to sign up to volunteer for at least one job for the season. We have trimmed down the number of volunteers needed and have suspended the requirement for 3 volunteer points for this season. Yet we still need volunteers, or the meets will not be able to happen. The sign-ups for jobs will automatically close at midnight 2 days before the meet (so if the meet is on Saturday, it will close Thursday at midnight).
  3. Also, as part of volunteering, we are in need of stroke/turn judges. If you volunteer as a stroke/turn judge at a meet, you will get preferred parking, in the parking lot, at that meet.

The following link will take you to the website for the Athlete Protection Training as well as the stroke/turn judge training. Please get it done before the site closes.

Trainings close May 31st, 2021

Link for training: https://whale.swimtopia.com/training

I’m sure a lot of you are just as excited as we are that our kids will be having a season as close to normal as possible right now. Please, please, please help us make sure it does happen and complete the above items. Let us know if you have any questions or problems with completing them.


Sarah Sherwood

FPST Board - Volunteer Coordinator

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