Week 3 Update: Team Policies, Pictures, Meet Volunteers and Training

Pirate families, 

We have concluded our 3rd week of practice and seem to be well into the swing of things. Thank you for joining our REMIND app so that we can communicate quickly regarding the crazy Texas weather. We want to remind everyone that our Covid policies remain in place.

  • Parents are not allowed on the deck. Please let your child walk into the pool area alone.
  • If your swimmer is not feeling well, they are not allowed at practice.
  • FPST members who have been diagnosed with COVID will not be permitted to attend practice for 10 days following the diagnosis or onset of symptoms and 3 days after symptoms subside, whichever is later
  • FPST members who have been significantly exposed (within 6ft for more than 15 minutes OR within the same household) to a person who has been diagnosed with COVID will not be permitted to attend practice for 10 days or 7 days with a negative test result.
  • FPST will notify Parent/Guardians and coaches if a team member (coach, swimmer, or parent/guardian) reports diagnosis or exposure to COVID

Our behavior and discipline policy is explained in our Handbook on our website.  Please make sure that you and your swimmers are exhibiting proper behavior and good sportsmanship. Any member (swimmer or parent) whose behavior is disruptive, unsportsmanlike and/or dangerous will be asked to sit out of practice for the rest of the day, or will be sent home. This includes pushing others into the pool, bad language, making fun of others, not paying attention to coaches’ instructions, talking while the coach is talking, or doing anything that causes harm or ill feeling towards others in the pool.

Picture Information

William and Mary Photographers will begin taking INDIVIDUAL pictures at 4:30pm

We ask all swimmers to arrive by 5:15pm to pick up your team shirt and begin lining up for the team photo. Individual pictures will resume after the team photo. Please go to the BACK gate of the pool to grab your shirt and begin lining up. Attached you will find an order form to be printed and completed prior to May 24th. There will be NO swim practice on picture day, May 24th. 

Meets and Volunteer Needs

In order to make these meets a reality, we need just a few things from you.

  1. We need every adult to take the “Athlete Protection Training”. We cannot allow an adult on the sidelines, or helping out, who has not completed this training. 
  2. We need parents to sign up to volunteer for at least one job for the season. We have trimmed down the number of volunteers needed and have suspended the requirement for 3 volunteer points for this season. Yet we still need volunteers, or the meets will not be able to happen. Only 14 volunteers have signed up for our first meet. If we don't get enough volunteers we won't hold any meet this season.
  3. Also, as part of volunteering, we are in need of STROK/TURN JUDGES and console operators. Please consider helping in those capacities!

The following link will take you to the website for the Athlete Protection Training as well as the stroke/turn judge training. Please get it done before the site closes.

Trainings close May 31st, 2021

Link for training: https://whale.swimtopia.com/training



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