Meet #3 - Volunteers Needed!

Good Morning Pirate Parents!

I have to say, I really liked having the swim meet on Thursday night. While dealing with bugs is not the greatest, the sun being behind the tree-line for most of the meet made things a lot more doable. As always, you amazing parents have stepped up to help make these meets a reality, and I'm going to need some help with that this week again. 

As of right now, we need 12 volunteer spots filled, one of which is a Stroke/Turn Judge position that requires training to be able to do it. Tonight is the deadline to sign up for positions on your own. I will be looking through who has not volunteered yet and reaching out to you separately. If there is a family that has not had any parent volunteer yet, then I may be signing you up for a position for either this meet, or the last one. Please communicate with me if there is an issue that prevents you from being able to help out. Also, let me know if I should put you down as a can help, but as a last resort situation. 

More than anything, we do this for this kids so that they can have a safe, and fun swim meet! Please help us to make that happen for them. 

Go Pirates!

Sarah Sherwood

Volunteer Coordinator

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