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Below you will find the FPST Parent Handbook for 2020.  This handbook covers everything you need to know about our team and the upcoming swim season.  Please take a moment to read through and familiarize yourself with all things team related, including safety, conduct, swim suit, and volunteer policies. 

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2020 Team Handbook

The Falcon Point Pirates Swim Team

Parent Handbook – 2020

Team Goals and Values

Our team offers children an opportunity to participate in organized swimming with the primary emphasis on individual improvement, achievement, and FUN! Good sportsmanship, team spirit, and discipline are also values taught through positive coaching, practices, and team participation.

2020 Falcon Point Swim Team (FPST) Board Members

Co-Director: Lori Conran

Co-Director: Marla Foster

Treasurer: Michele Mower

Volunteer Coordinator: Sarah Sherwood

Equipment Manager: Kerri McCurdy

Swim Team Eligibility

  • A swimmer must be at least 4 years of age but not older than 18 years of age as of May 1, 2021. If required you may be requested to provide proof of your swimmers age
  • To qualify for Swim Team all swimmers must be able to swim at least one length of the pool (25y) unassisted. If unable to do this, a refund will be given based on the rules in the refund policy.
  • A swimmer must have competed in in a minimum of two of the scheduled intra-league dual meets to be eligible to swim in the end of season Meet of Champs (MOC) swim meet.
  • All swimmers must be eligible to participate in WHALe meets as outlined in the WHALe policies and procedures (found on the website)

The FPST reserves the right to limit age groups to a maximum of 25 swimmers per age group. If the group is filled we will waitlist additional swimmers until the end of the second week of practice. Spaces will be filled based on the time of registration.

Minimum Volunteer Requirements

  • Upon registration with our team, each family is committed to fulfill volunteer shifts at our regular season intra-league dual meets. In addition, each family that attends the Meet of Champs (MOC) and the All-Star Meet (ASM) must also fulfill a volunteer position at these meets.
    • Volunteer Requirements: 6 shifts per FAMILY
  • All volunteer positions for regular season dual meets will be available at registration.   All parents must ensure that they are able to log on to our team website in order to sign-up for volunteer duties. If you do not sign-up for a volunteer position, then one may be assigned.
  • As a condition of registration, you will be required to pre-authorize the charge of a $200 penalty for any family failing to complete their volunteer requirements. **NOTE: This fee will not be charged at registration, only the authorization for the charge. THIS IS NOT A BUYOUT OPTION.
  • If you sign-up to work at a meet that gets postponed, delayed, or only partially completed, you are required to work the balance of your commitment on the date the meet is rescheduled.
  • Volunteer positions for the MOC and ASM are assigned to parents before the meets. These meets DO NOT count towards your families 5 shift requirements
  • Failure to complete volunteer duties will result in the charge of the pre-approved volunteer fee and may prevent registration for future seasons (at board discretion)
  • NO SHOWS for volunteer points will result in your swimmer being pulled from relays at the current meet and/or next meet.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to the team Volunteer Coordinator, as listed above.

Team Communication – Distribution of Important Information

FPST will utilize email, Remind, Facebook, and our team website to communicate important team information. Information regarding swim practice, swim meets, and important dates will all be posted on our team website and will also be sent out in an email to the entire team.

It is the parents’ responsibility to check our website/ email for changes and inform us immediately of any changes to your email address. Email address changes should be made via your profile on the team website and reported to

Registration Fees

2020 Swim Team Registration fees:

Club members receive discounted registration fees, please inquire for more info

$130 first swimmer per family

$125 second swimmer per family

$120 for the third and all remaining swimmers

$100 for swimmers 13-14

$35 for swimmers 15-18

The registration fee covers: coach’s salaries, WHALe fees, end of season party, and trophy. Registration fees do not include team suit, cap, goggles, or additional team events.

**Swimmers 15-18 years old will only pay a $35 registration fee and their parents will not be required to fulfill any volunteer commitments unless they have younger siblings on the team. We would appreciate any assistance the 15-18 year olds can give to the 6&U swim practice.

2020 Refund Policy

Withdraw before April 30th: Full refund: A swimmer may withdraw from the team before April 30th and receive a full refund of team fees minus a $25 administration fee. This includes any swimmer not able to meet the requirements for swim team during evaluations.

Withdraw after May 1st but before May 31st: No refund, volunteer requirements will be cancelled if there are no other family members on the team.

Withdraw after June 1st: No refund, volunteer requirements will still be required or the $200 fee will apply.

All refund requests must be emailed to or via the ‘contact us’ link on the team website.

Safety Policies

  • Parents are responsible for and are expected to monitor/supervise any child they bring to practice or meets. Club rules prohibit any child under 12 years of age being left unattended.
  • No one is allowed in the pool or pool steps, except for the swimmers that are swimming at their designated practice time, or their scheduled event at a swim meet
  • No one is allowed to climb on any equipment including lifeguard stands, water slides, swim ladders leading in/out of the pool, chairs, lounge chairs, lampposts, gates or other furniture or fixtures.
  • Tennis courts are off limits and to be used only by Club Members for tennis.
  • The Pavilion is a designated “Quiet Zone” during all practices. Children may play in the field adjacent to the pool complex but horse-play and other activities are prohibited in and around the Pavilion.
  • There will be absolutely no running, skateboards, scooters, bikes, roller blades/skates allowed on the pool deck or pavilion.
  • Alcohol and smoking are prohibited inside the pool area /deck. WHALe rules prohibit alcohol in all areas during WHALe meets.
  • Club Rules do not allow Pets on Club property.
  • Please return your pool deck chairs back to where you got them after your practice time. The pool needs to be ready for the members to use after our practice.

Weather Delays / Cancellations

Practice - The coaches will make the decision to suspend or cancel practice due to thunder and lightning, rain or other weather. In the event of thunder & lightning, everyone will be removed from the pool deck and will wait 20 minutes before returning to the water. If the weather has not cleared by that time, the coaches will make the decision to cancel practice for that particular age group for the day. Practice may continue if it is raining as long as the coaches can see the bottom of the pool. Just because one practice group may be cancelled, it does not mean that the rest of the practices will be cancelled.

Dual Meets - At a dual meet it is the responsibility of the lifeguards on duty to make a call regarding weather conditions. If they see lightning or hear thunder, the meet will be suspended for 20 minutes. All swimmers, volunteers and their families must exit the water and clear the pool deck until the “all clear” signal is given. All events through 15-18 year old breaststroke must be completed for a meet to be determined ‘official’. If it is determined by the league reps for both teams that the meet cannot be continued that day then an announcement will be made to terminate the meet and if necessary a make-up date will be decided upon. All volunteers assigned to duties will be required to resume that duty on the day of the make-up meet.

Behavior / Discipline Policy

  • The Club and League rules will be enforced at all times.
  • Any swimmer whose behavior is disruptive, unsportsmanlike and/or dangerous will be asked to sit out of practice for the rest of the day, or will be sent home. This includes pushing others into the pool, bad language, making fun of others, not paying attention to coaches’ instructions, talking while the coach is talking, or doing anything that causes harm or ill feeling towards others in the pool. Depending on the severity / frequency of the misbehavior, the swimmer may be suspended for several days or expelled from the team with no refund. *Decisions to suspend or expel a swimmer will be made by the head coach and the FPST board members. Appeals can be made in writing to the FPST Board.
  • Parents must be respectful of others on the pool deck and not allow their comments or behavior to be disruptive or unsportsmanlike.
  • Parents will not coach or instruct the team, coaches, or any athlete at a practice or meet.
  • There will be no discussions concerning your swimmer(s) with coaches while practice is occurring. If you have anything to discuss with the coach, please arrange a time after practice to discuss the matter or email them via the coaches’ links on the team website.
  • Anyone causing disruption of practice and or a meet, using bad language or not conducting themselves in a proper manner may not be allowed on the pool deck the rest of the season, including meets.

This parent policy will be enforced by the team’s members of the FPST board and/or Club Management. If the FPST board members/Club Management are not present at the time of the incident, but another parent witnesses the incident, a meeting will be held to determine the facts and course of action that will be taken. This may be appealed in writing to the FPST board/Club Management.

Team Swimsuit Policy

It is mandatory that all swimmers must purchase and wear their designed Falcon Point Pirates Swim Team suit for all intra-league dual meets, team pictures, the MOC and ASM. The team suit may be purchased at D&J Swim at 617 S. Mason. We are using the same suit as last year, but will have an updated logo that matches the spirit wear. We do not require swimmers to wear the team suit for practice.

We will be having a Team Day at D&J sports on Saturday April 18th from 10am-6pm. At this time you will be able to get fitted for the suits and purchase any other items you will need at a discounted price.

Girls suits are $51

Boys jammer are $38, and the option for the $31 brief.


Practice - Swimmers are expected to make an effort to attend all practices. We realize that during May there are several other activities that conflict with swim team practice. If your swimmer will miss practices due to other activities, please advise the head coach of what days your child will be absent.

Meets - A great deal of preparation is required to run a safe and efficient swim meet. We must plan for a swim meet in advance. Both teams must submit their swimmer information to the opposing team at least 2 days prior to a swim meet in order to seed the events and produce the heat sheets. It is imperative that you log onto our website and declare whether or not your swimmer will attend a meet. If you do not declare your child as ‘attending’ a swim meet, we will assume that your child is not swimming.. There are no exceptions to this rule and the FPST board members and coaches will not call/email parents to confirm whether or not your swimmer(s) will be attending the meet. If you have not declared your child as ‘attending’ but you still show up at a swim meet, your child will not swim. We realize that children do occasionally get sick the day before or on the day of a swim meet and on these occasions you should email the head coach or the FPST board at as soon as possible.

Meet Information

This swim season our team has four (4) intra-league dual meets, some swimmers may also qualify for the Meet of Champs (MOC) and All Star Meet (ASM).

Intra-league Dual Meets - Our meets will take place either on a Saturday morning (8:00 am start time) or a weekday evening (TBD start time). Check the team’s site for this year’s schedule and locations. Meet information (warm up times, volunteer report times, etc.) will be communicated by email and posted on our website. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep up with any changes. There are no specific end times to our meets. Meets typically last 4-5 hours depending on the number of swimmers. Swimmers will sit with their teammates in assigned tent areas according to age groups. When the swimmers arrive at the pool they must check in with the assigned ‘tent parent’. Please talk to your child before the meet and make sure they understand that they must stay in their assigned tent at all times and if they need to leave they must first ask permission from the tent parent(s). There may be several heats for each event with the fastest swimmers being in the first heat of an event. All swimmers swim freestyle and backstroke. A limited number of swimmers will be selected to swim breaststroke and butterfly. It is the coaching staff’s decision as to which events each swimmer will swim. It is also the coach’s decision as to who swims on relay teams and swimmers’ order. Questions regarding meet entries should be addressed to the coaches via email and NOT during a swim meet. * Note: If a swimmer has a Texas Age Group Standards (TAGs) times in a particular event, it is a league requirement that they swim up an age group in that event. Please visit the WHALe website for more information regarding TAG’s times.

What to bring to a swim meet:

  • Towel(s)
  • Folding chairs/blanket
  • Healthy snacks
  • A book, quiet games, or coloring to keep the swimmer entertained between events. Though not recommended, if children want to bring portable electronic devices such as IPad’s, or Kindles, they do so at their own risk. The Club and FPST board are not responsible for lost or damaged items.
  • Water/Water bottle. It is important for our swimmers to stay hydrated.
  • Sunscreen, Mosquito Spray.
  • Flash light and warmer clothing (evening meets).
  • Money (for concessions)

Scoring and Awards - The FPST Pirates are members of WHALe and follow the Dual Meet Scoring system outlined in the WHALe Internal policies and Procedures, which are available at Ribbons are awarded to all swimmers in all heats of our intra-league dual meets. At MOC and ASM medals are awarded for the top 8 swimmers in each event. At the end of the swim season, participation trophies are distributed to each swimmer on the team at our end of season team party. Also distributed are special Coaches awards for categories such as MVP, Sportsmanship and Most Improved.

WHALe Meet of Champs (MOC)- All teams competing in the West Houston Aquatic League, participate in a divisional meet to culminate the season. This meet’s specifics are announced at the end of the swim season. Teams are allowed limited entries per event. A swimmer must have participated in 50% or more of our scheduled intra-league dual meets to be eligible to swim in the MOC. In addition, a swimmer’s parents must have fulfilled their volunteer obligations to the team for their child to be able to compete. All parents of children participating in the MOC are required to volunteer at that meet.

WHALe All Star Meet (ASM)- The event winners from each of the divisional MOC will participate in the All Star meet. The remaining places are seeded with the fastest runner-ups out of all of the divisions. Unless your child comes in first place at our Divisional MOC, they will not have automatic entry into ASM. Runner-up entries are announced once all divisional meets are complete and all results are in. Results are then reported to the team’s Head Coach who will contact parents directly via phone or email to ask if your child would like to participate. You will be given a set time to respond and if we have not heard from you, WHALe will move onto the next swimmer on their list. The Head Coach does not have any control over All Star Meet entries or deadlines. All parents of children participating in the ASM are required to volunteer at that meet.

Go Pirates!!

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The Falcon Point Pirates Swim Team is a Division of The West Houston Aquatic League

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